Jane Deane


Jane offers a variety of courses in creative textiles. She is an experienced, qualified teacher


Spinning for Beginners
For complete beginners. Spindles and wheels are available to use at the studio.

Spinning: Beyond the Basics
For those with some experience. We will explore the different methods of spinning and the relevant preparation

Whacky Fibres

Come and try some of the vast range of fibres now available to the handspinner, and learn how best to spin them


A comprehensive look at the life cycle of the silk moth and how it produces its silk. We will look at the range of silk fibres commercially available to the handspinner, and how best to spin them.

Designing Yarn

This course will show you how to create a yarn from a photograph, painting, object or piece of writing that appeals to you. This course is for "non-artists"! We will work through some basic design exercises to achieve the yarn.


Acid Dyes
Using acid dyes on yarn or fabric, we will create a repeatable dye library

Natural Dyes
Natural dyeing, mordanting and modifying the colours using non-harzardous materials and extract dye solutions will introduce you to environmentally and ethically good practice

The magical blue dye. We can dyes yarns, fibres and fabrics using an indigo vat.

Design for the Terrified

Using simple materials and straightforward exercises, create designs for yarn, fibres or fabric. Your sketchbook does not have to be a smart art book; paper and something to keep it in is quite enough