Going Green

Well, I’m not exactly going green as I’ve been trying to reduce my impact on the environment for a very long time but I’ve joined this exciting new initiative through MAKE Southwest and in conjunction with Plymouth University. Support for makers in their attempts to reduce the impact of their work on the planet and engaging the public through example and education is a vital part of helping to put right the damage we humans have done to our environment.

I have been reducing heat and water and replacing it with time in the dyeing I do. Married to an environmental water engineer and having spent time overseas where turning on a tap and expecting clean water to come out is a fantasy, I have long been aware of the privileges we have and also of the damage our pollution is causing to the seas, rivers and streams for which life is essential. Our life. All life. I very much hope others will be inspired to look at what we do, what we can change and how urgent this is.