A long gap between postings, but that’s the way it goes. A very busy few months have been occupied with Colour, Naturally, at Devon Guild of Craftsmen, that proved to be successful beyond anything I could have anticipated. The Wall of Colour, beautifully photographed by Louis Victory, below, was generally appreciated by the public who were astonished to know that all the colours come from natural sources

As a result of Colour, Naturally many people have learnt that natural colours are beautiful, vibrant and as fast as the synthetic dyes that have overtaken them. I have also been lucky enough to be invited to give some workshops to fashion and textile students, so hope the knowledge will survive and the passion for these glorious colours will grow.


Later this week I shall be introducing a class at #devonguildofcraftsmen, to spinning and in December a workshop in indigo. Textiles connect us to the most ancient of our ancestors. Without being able to weave baskets to store our surplus crops and seeds, we couldn’t have become farmers. Without weaving we could not have clothed ourselves in anything but animal skins, we could not have made fences for livestock. We learned how to spin rope to tie things up or together. We learned how to use the fleece of various animals to create yarn without having to kill the animal. We learned how create for utilitarian purposes and for beauty. For thousands of years, we have understood the means of production of textiles. Even 50 years ago most of us were aware of a local, tailor, dressmaker, fabric, yarn and haberdashery outlets. Why have all those skills and the knowledge gone? Time to stop relying on big business and start to craft again.