I am a textile designer and tutor, working with fibre, yarn and dyes. My particular passions are colour, in the form of natural and synthetic dyes, and silk fibres. I have an eclectic approach to the creation of textile pieces and consider it essential to move from inspiration to final piece using whatever technique I feel is most appropriate. Spinning, weaving and dyeing are the most frequently used, but paper-making, batik, embroidery, knitting and braiding all have their place in my work.

Most years I raise a small number of silkworms of different varieties: bombyx mori that produce the beautiful silk that we associate with this most magical of fibres; and various species of wild silkmoths that produce the most exotic and beautiful caterpillars and moths.

My silkworms are allowed to complete their full lifecycle, emerging as live moths. Their discarded cocoons provide me with a limited supply of silk in varying qualities for use in my work.

I teach spinning, weaving, dyeing and textile design in the UK and abroad.

I am co-author, with Alison Daykin, of Creative Spinning, published by Gaia Press.

I am a member of Frayed Edges Weaving Group, formed in 2004 for the graduates of Bradford College of Art and Design, who exhibit nationally

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