Caterpillars and Cocoons – Archive

The ramblings of a dyer, spinner, weaver and silk worm fanatic.

I originally started to blog back in 2009 using a Blogspot site.  This site is still live though I haven’t written anything there for a long time, below are links to each year.

Jane Deane - Silk Worms

2014 Archive – I Should have done it Yesterday

Jane Deane - Natural Dyes

2013 Archive – A Busy Week

Jane Deane - Silk Worms

2012 Archive – Silkworms, Bananas and Excitement!

Jane Deane Textiles

2011 Archive – Who Says Natural Dyes are Boring?

Jane Deane - Natural Dyes

2010 Archive – Give Fleece a Chance

Jane Deane - Blue baby

2009 Archive – Blue Babies and other stories