Blankets, cushions and drama!

As half of a couple we seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time at our local major hospital and so the textiles have been on the back burner. However, we’re back in business again and I’ve been weaving again, with the dyepot out.


Two cushions, commercial organic, dyed cotton produced to GOTS certification woven in a 3/1, 1/3 block twill. They are for the little armchair made by my clever husband.

Draped over the same little chair but quite a bit too big is the wool blanket. The yarn is Shetland from the Shetland Isles, spun in Aberdeenshire by JC Rennie, in natural black, white and grey plus madder dyed by me. It is the same block twill as the cushions.

This has been such fun to weave and it’s a particular pleasure to have all the blanket materials sourced in the UK.

What next? Well, more weaving and dyeing and spinning. I need to spin some yarn to dye with woad and make myself a pair of Bluestocking Socks, And the AGWSD Summer School will soon be upon us, Covid permitting, so I need to plan for my students.

An exhibition, Colour, Naturally at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen from the 17th of July, is in preparation and will be very exciting. Fingers crossed the dyeplants do their stuff and we have a lovely display.

A face to face natural dye workshop at the amazingĀ  Loom Shed in July is something I’m very much looking forward to – it will be wonderful to have a hands on session with students., https://theloomshed.comĀ 

Perhaps I’d better get off the computer and start working…